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Health Challenges. Communication. Assess Risks. Modifications. Last Check. Resources.

Caregivers, welcome to Senior-Friendly Home Care. Senior-Friendly Home Care can help you set-up your home so that it is safe for a relative or loved one who has physical health challenges:

  • Review information on three common types of physical health challenges that require home modification
  • Learn how to identify and communicate about physical health needs in the home
  • Learn how to evaluate your home for potential risks that can cause injury to your loved ones
  • Identify ways to make your home more accessible, safe, and compatible with an older person's changing health needs

Senior-Friendly Home Care provides home analysis and modification examples, practice activities and templates for evaluating and modifying your own home.

  Health Challenges: Information on three common types of health challenges that require home modification.
  Communication: Examples and activities on identifying your relative or loved one's health challenges.
  Assess Risk: Examples and activities for evaluating your home environment for risks such as obstacles and sound barriers.
  Modifications: Prepare a home modification plan to remove risks from your home.
  Last Check: You may need to make new modifications over time. Create a plan for evaluating your home after modifications and when new health needs arise.
  Resources: Links to Web sites that provide additional resources on home care and modification.
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