Know Your Computer


Output Devices - Practice

These practice questions are similar to the questions on the IPSO posttest. If you get a wrong answer while practicing, keep trying until you get it right.

1.Word processors, spreadsheet and database programs, and graphics editors are examples of

Windows Operating System Software
Macintosh Operating System Software
Application Software
All of the above

2. Spyware can do the following to you and your computer

Track websites you visit and report it to a database on a server.
Is only used by agencies like the FBI and CIA as part of the Patriot Act.
Shouldn't be of any concern to you unless you are doing something illegal with your computer
Cannot install itself on your machine without your knowledge.

3. Which of the following is not an operating system?

Windows Vista
Mac OS X
Apple works 6
Linux 7.2

4. Web Browsers, Email, Messengers/Chat, FTP, Telnet are examples of

Application Software
Operating Software
Internet Software
Viewers and Plugin

5. What does an antivirus software do?

Replicates viruses
Sends virus hoaxes
Detect and whenever possible remove viruses
Introduces unsafe viruses